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When I’m facing a new problem I like to spend a lot of energy thinking from first principles[1][2] on how to solve the problem. Then I try to create an objective feedback loop to the best of my ability. This allows me to reality check my theories and see where my intuition led me astray.

I used to spend years in this phase. Now I go out and find the “state of the art” or “best practice” books and articles once I feel I can tell apart what’s good from what’s bad. I see it as a way to download someone’s lifetime of experience into my consideration set. (I also have no problem quitting reading after 1-2 chapters if the book turns out to not be relevant though…)

If I can validate what’s in the book in 1-4 weeks of real world usage then I keep it around. If not, I try to forget what I read. Here are some of the materials that in combination with first principles thinking formulate my mental models.

Product Fundamentals

  • The Lean Product Playbook
  • Inspired


  • Continuous Discovery Habits (Summary)
  • Design Sprint
  • The Lean Startup
  • The Startup Owner’s Manual
  • Value Proposition Design


  • Good Strategy, Bad Strategy (Summary)
  • Crossing The Chasm
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Zero To One
  • The Science of Growth


Change Management

  • Tribal Leadership
  • Immunity to Change
  • Getting To Yes
  • High Output Management
  • The Hard Thing About Hard Things



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